Family Offices

Family Offices - The Next Frontier of Governance

Family Offices have become a very sought after structure over the past decade. Family entprises are looking to consolidate their assets, harmonise their wealth management, professionalise their charitable activities and overall work towards long-term sustainability.

The Tharawat Family Business Forum has started several projects to help families better understand the concept of Family Offices and work in the following areas:

  • To provide insights into the form, function and purpose of the Family Office
  • To explore some of the motivations and challenges involved in setting up a Family Office
  • To develop relevant tools to determine if a Family Office can be useful and what form is right for each family.


As can be seen from the following chart there are several main types of Family Offices:

 Types of Family Office  


In order to benefit from the advantages that Family Office structures can bring, it is very important that the right questions are asked and that a clear strategy is created from the outset.


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