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Since the sustainability of 80% of the private sector is in the hands of the next generation, one of Tharawat’s primary objectives is support to the future leaders of Arab family businesses.

This includes a closer look at the dialogue between family business generations. Tharawat has dedicated a whole platform to the understanding of the next generation: The Arabian NextGen. It is the vision of Arabian NextGen to support the next generation of family business leaders in their professional and personal development, and to have a positive impact on the sustainability of family businesses in the Arab region.


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Tharawat runs various programs for members of the next generation, such as:

■ Seminars and Workshops
■ Networking events
■ Conferences
■ Excursions
■ Thought Leadership

For more information about our activities, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit www.tharawatconferences.org

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See also the former Issues 15 and 25 of our Media Partner Tharawat Magazine on "The Next Generation - driving the Family into the future" and "#GenY - Sharing ideas, ambitions, and challenges of the young generation in the family business".

(Photos, courtesy of Tharawat Magazine).


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