Online Courses for Family Businesses

The Tharawat Family Business Forum has collaborated with the Business Families Foundation (BFF) in Canada to offer a series of online courses for family business members.

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What are the courses about?

The focus of the courses is on the development of key soft skills and how to address specific topics in the field of family business with the help of interactive learning tools. 

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    Business Family Fundamentals

    This class is an overview of the fundamentals of family business and is catered to all business family members, whether working in the enterprise or not. 

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    Communication (Module 1): Communicating a Message

    HOW you say something, is much more important than WHAT you say. A text message leaves a lot up more up to interpretation than a face-to-face conversation. The more important the message the more present you should be in the conversation.

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    The Compass for Entrepreneurial Families

    Compass for Entrepreneurial Families is an online course you can take whenever and wherever you want! It is filled with short, interactive activities, peer perspectives, expert advice and contemporary models that can bring your family closer together and strengthen your business. The content has been design by and delivered to you by your own peers.

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    Planning Ahead

    Start creating a common vision among your family for the sustainability of the family business.
    Planning for the future is essential and it is important to start as possible. It enables us to make sure that we are all heading in the same direction. We will then be more resilient to changes and pressures along the way.

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    Decision-Making Processes

    The process of coming together as a family and the process of making more cohesive and informed decisions is the focus here. Learn how simple structures serve to facilitate communication and keep individuals in the family and business accountable. Make the link between inclusive decision-making and aligning future direction and vision of the family business.

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    Navigating Ownership

    Discover the demands and dynamics around a single owner
    Understand the difference between owners and owner/managers
    Uncover the distinctions between owners and managers’ roles & responsibilities in multi-generational ownership structures

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    Understanding Life Cycles

    Understand how different life cycles impact you, your family & the business and recognize that they change over a long period of time. Place the members of your family on a lifecycle and use this to uncover some missing conversations that may need to take place.

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    Balancing Family and Business​

    Broaden your understanding of why family businesses are distinctive and challenge the assumptions we have about them. Build your own family genogram and increase your understanding of the ramifications of overemphasizing the family or the business.



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