Tharawat family business summit

Leading your family business into the Future


Family businesses are facing change and disruption at an unprecedented pace. The Tharawat Family Business Summit is a 2-day program, featuring a variety of activities, all focused on how developing leading organisations for the future.

You can join us for one, two or all three activities, and learn from experts, business leaders, and most importantly, your peers.

13th March 2019
Tharawat Investors Circle

Tharawat Successful Family Business Investors Circle March 2019

The “Investors Circle” exclusively for Tharawat Members is a unique platform to discuss different key factors for sustainable investment.

14th March 2019
Successful Family Business Boards

Tharawat Succesful FB Boards Going Global

The 7th annual Successful Family Business Boards session is dedicated to exploring internationalization strategies for family businesses.

You can find all details about the summit activities on our events page. 

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