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Family Business Workshops

In the Tharawat workshops, family businesses get access to unique learning resources that will enable them to further their family business goals. Workshops are tailored to cater to all generations and include topics such as succession, governance, family institutions, entrepreneurship and more.

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Family Business Platforms

At Tharawat we provide tailored platforms to young generation members and women in the family business. Through our platform for Arabian NextGens and our Women in Family Business platform, we empower the dialogue for these segments of the family business both vital for continuity.

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Family Business Research

One of Tharawat's chief goals is to promote research on family businesses in the Arab world. A topic that has scarcely been covered yet, we engage in trying accumulate data on the family business landscape of the region.

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Family Business Community

One of the main benefits of being part of Tharawat is the sense of community between our members. Driven by the conviction that family businesses understand family businesses best, we consciously create occasions through which the families can exchange best practice and advice.

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Family Business In-House Learning

Reserved for its members, the Tharawat team organises dedicated in-house workshops for business families who want to work on a certain topic more indepth. Such learning sessions can bring the whole family up to speed on a particular objective that has to be achieved to ensure the family's success. Typically, these workshops centre around topics such as next generation careers and family governance.

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Governance Support Tools

Based on the interaction and request of its members, Tharawat designs family business tools such as checklists and self-assessment reports which allow family business members to take their performance to the next level.

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