Media Gallery - A Selection

Successful Family Business Boards – The Board as a Driver of Innovation

The 5th annual “Successful Family Business Boards” session explored the role of the Board of Directors in addressing innovation, diversification, and risk to ensure sustainable growth of the family business.

Tharawat & Endeavor UAE – Growth Focus

In a first collaboration between Endeavor UAE and the Tharawat Family Business Forum, we explored a key aspect for sustainable growth: Financial Management for Business Owners.

Women In Family Business

This interactive “Women in Family Business” session outlined the importance of family involvement for the sustainability and growth of the family business.

The Tharawat Space – Public Launch

The Tharawat Space is the first initiative in the MENA to provide a one-stop shop for family businesses to learn and meet their peers in a space dedicated to multi-generational entrepreneurs.

The Tharawat Space – Private Launch

During the Private Launch of the Tharawat Space the Members of the Tharawat Family Business Forum and friends of the family business community were invited to celebrate together.

Continuum 2016 – Family Business Visit Italy

The Tharawat Family Business Forum invited family-owned businesses from the Arab world on a 4 day visit to Milano to connect with family-owned businesses in Italy.

Continuum 2015 – Family Business Conference

This 5th Continuum Conference was an interactive, global conference that welcomed families from all over the world to connect, exchange ideas and learn from each other.

Tharawat MasterClass 2015 – Finance

This one-day seminar for members of family businesses aimed to sharpen analytical capabilities and re-visit the basics of corporate finance.

Tharawat Successful Family Business Boards 2015

This Seminar addressed how family businesses can learn from best practice and customize it to their company and family culture.

Tharawat NextGen Session – Innovation 2015

Family business future leaders explored what it means to create space for innovation in your organization and how this can benefit the family business.

Tharawat Family Business Talks – Cairo 2015

Hosted in Cairo, these Family Business Talks explored the business landscape in Egypt, shared best practice and key success factors for family businesses in the MENA.