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The Tharawat Family Business Forum is an independent membership organisation dedicated to the sustainability, innovation, and growth of MENA family businesses.

Topics that matter

An agenda centred around issues that matter the most to family enterprises. 

Our activities in 4 pillars

Tharawat’s four pillars give easy access to the Forum’s activities and content.

Who can benefit from Tharawat

Tharawat offers activities and support to multi-generational family businesses from across the MENA.
Our programs focus on your personal growth, building strong family teams and supporting the success and sustainability of family businesses across generations.

Latest Activities



The report “Climate Change and Family Business: Action for a sustainable future in the MENA” was developed with the support of AW Rostamani Group and with knowledge partner Global Compact Network UAE, as well as 12 contributing experts and business leaders. The report addresses the realities of climate change and environmental challenges in the MENA and explores the role family-owned companies play in shaping a more sustainable future. Read more >>




See our latest activities and courses on the topics that matter most to Family Businesses in the MENA. We are collaborating with leading institutions and organisations to bring the latest trends an access to expertise for Tharawat Members. 



Partnerships and Collaborations

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Tharawat Family Business Forum

The Tharawat Family Business Forum is an independent, non-for-profit membership association dedicated to the sustainability, innovation, and growth of MENA family businesses.