Launch: MENA Single Family Offices – A Survey And Outlook

The Tharawat Family Business Forum and LGT Middle East are thrilled to announce the launch of their collaboration on the upcoming MENA family office survey and report.

Launch: Spotlight Series by Family Business Histories

The Family Business Histories Project publishes the Spotlights Series - a collection of 60 case studies, each documenting the history of a regional family business.

Launch: Climate Change and Family Business Report

The Tharawat Family Business Forum, in collaboration with the AW Rostamani Group and knowledge partner Global Compact Network UAE, launched a report outlining climate risks and action for family businesses in the MENA.

Partnership Announcement: Climate Change and Family Business

The Tharawat Family Business and AW Rostamani Group, today announced the launch of the "Family Business and Climate Change" project.

Families as Impact Investors: a Toolkit for Purposeful Investing

In this article we formulate recommendations for family firms to consider when it comes to building their direct impact investing portfolio.

Aligning Philanthropy – Webinar Series with CSP

Series about the changing landscape of philanthropy, new approaches, and strategies that will lead to higher impact, efficiency and efficacy.

Communication, Community and the Critical Role of HR

Sana Jubaili believes that communication, community and HR will play a critical role in helping family businesses navigate the pandemic.

Aligning Talent Strategies and Business Continuity

Fawaz Al-Otaibi leverages his governance strategy to ensure smooth transitions, and ultimately, a family legacy full of growth and prosperity.

On the Way to Recovery – Cooperation and Communication in Tunisia

We spoke with Anis Bouchamaoui about the cooperation and communication that Tunisian family businesses have exhibited in this crisis.

After the Pandemic – The Future of East African Family Businesses

We spoke with Dhruv Jog to get his take on the crisis, on the return of localisation and the future of East African family businesses.

United Against a Common Enemy

Abdullah Almajdouie identifies ways in which businesses can adapt to protect themselves and stand united against a common enemy.

New Perspectives For Yemeni Family Businesses and Their Global Peers

We spoke with Ahmed Bazara about the complex challenges Yemeni family businesses face, and how these challenges can be transformed into opportunities there, across the Middle East and around the globe.

Supporting the Rapid Adoption of Digital Technologies through COVID-19

According to Matt Suiche, regional family businesses must adopt cybersecurity protocols as quickly as they adopt new technologies through COVID-19.

Agility and Strength in the Family Business

For family businesses in the MENA, COVID-19 presents an opportunity to build on pre-existing strengths and practice agility. An interview with Riad Bsaibes.

COVID-19: Opportunity in Crisis

Slim Othmani talks about how taking decisive action now to capitalise on opportunities will lay the foundation for survival in the future.

COVID-19 and Beyond: the Critical Role of the Private Sector

Maissa Abou Adal Ghanem speaks about her family business’ response to the Covid-19 crisis and what we can learn from this situation for the future.

Managing COVID-19 Requires a Proactive Approach

Businesses must prepare themselves so that their stakeholders are safe, their critical processes aren't disrupted and their activities match their purpose. An opinion piece.

Four Strategies to Mitigate the Disruption of COVID-19

When it comes to ensuring their sustainability through the COVID-19 outbreak, businesses must be mentally, emotionally and fiscally prepared. An opinion piece by Hisham Farouk.

Building on Strengths through the COVID-19 Outbreak

As the world works to keep this pandemic in check, the family business community must grapple with new operational paradigms. For many, this means the slowing down or stoppage of operations altogether, at least for the time being. An opinion piece by Noor Sweid.

Opportunity in Challenges: Family Business as Usual?

For family businesses in the MENA, the implications of Coronavirus will likely mean significant operational and financial challenges. An opinion piece by Adil Alzarooni.

The Levant Family Business Podcast – A NextGen’s Perspective on Family Business

Episode 20: Insights of the Next Generation – A Conversation with Nour Rifai Next Generation leadership development is a crucial topic for the longevity and long-term growth of a family firm. In order to have continuity in leadership quality, it is important that NextGens feel integrated, empowered and well prepared to make positive contributions to […]

The Levant Family Business Podcast – A Very Special Tandem – Insights From Twins In A Family Business.

Episode 19: Working Together – A Conversation with Nicolas and Anthony Boukather. It can be difficult to navigate family relationships when you work together! It requires patience, open communication and complete trust for the dynamic to work effectively. However, there are many good reasons that are in favour of working with a family member. So […]

The Levant Family Business Podcast – Diversification For Growth – A Conversation With Imad Alfadel.

Episode 18 –  Diversification For Growth – A Conversation With Imad Alfadel Family businesses are known for their ability to react quickly to changing times and for their resilience throughout times of crisis. Diversification is one of the key strategies family businesses can employ to prepare for difficult times. However, getting the timing right on […]

The Levant Family Business Podcast – Emotional Dynamics In The Family Business IV – Emotions in the Family Business.

Episode 17 – The Interplay Of Emotions In Family And Business – A Conversation With Rania Labaki. Human emotions are extremely intricate and complex psychological states and the interplay of emotions in family and business is often difficult to address. Emotions can be reactions to internal stimuli (thoughts, memories) or external events that occur in […]

The Levant Family Business Podcast – Hiring A Non-Family CEO – Is Your Family Business Ready? 

Episode 16: Engaging A Non-Family CEO, A Conversation With Cherine Debbas. There may come a time when a family business needs to find outside talent to run the family business. Though the majority of family businesses tend to prefer next generational leadership and management in their operations, in reality, this is not always a realistic […]

The Levant Family Business Podcast – Emotional Dynamics In The Family Business III – A Strategic Approach To Philanthropy.

Episode 15 – A Strategic Approach to Philanthropy, In Conversation With Rania Labaki. It is estimated that 81% of the world’s largest family businesses are active philanthropists. Family business philanthropy is an essential support system for many communities and has created change around the world. Engaging in family philanthropy also has many internal rewards, it […]

The Levant Family Business Podcast – Leadership In Transition – A Perspective From The Next Generation

Episode 14 – The Next Generation Perspective, A Conversation With Georges Abou Adal. Making the decision to join the family business can be an exciting albeit daunting moment for any next-generation family member. It is a personal journey that is unique and different for everyone. So what are the considerations that a next-generation family member […]

The Levant Family Business Podcast – Marrying Into The Family Business – The “Other” Perspective

Episode 13 – Sitting on the side-lines, A Conversation With Lena Idriss. Entering into a family business through marriage can be a challenging course to navigate, and one which often requires a steep learning curve. It takes time and perseverance for an in-law to fully integrate into a family business and earn the trust, respect […]

The Levant Family Business Podcast – Sparking Innovation In The Family Business

Episode 12 – Innovation As An Engine For Growth, A Conversation With Nicolas and Anthony Boukather. To thrive in a competitive landscape, family businesses must be willing to adapt and change. Firms must learn to embrace innovative thinking and explore new ideas, processes and procedures in order to stay relevant and ensure success for future […]

The Levant Family Business Podcast – Microinsurance, a game changer inside and outside the family business.

Coralie Zaccar is a third-generation family business member and Assistant General Manager at Commercial Insurance Co in Lebanon - and is on a mission to bring change to her community.

The Levant Family Business Podcast – The Evolution Of Women In Family Business: A Conversation With Caroline Fattal.

For a long time, family businesses around the world have overlooked the professional capabilities and competencies of women - yet women have played key roles in firms, albeit away from the public eye and widely unrecognised. In regional family businesses, statistics show that women are still underrepresented, and grappling with ways to define the roles they can, should and wish to play in the family firm.

The Levant Family Business Podcast – The Rise Of Family Offices In Lebanon – A Conversation With Bilal Zein

Family office is not a new concept. What is new however, is the rapid evolution of the industry on a global level. In this episode of the podcast we welcome guest speaker and expert in the field, Bilal Zein to provide an inside perspective on the current developments and the future of the industry specifically in our region.

Tharawat Family Business Forum and Pearl Initiative join hands

Pearl Initiative recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Tharawat Family Business Forum in a bid to promoting higher standards of corporate and family governance, and to support the longevity and sustainability of Family Firms in the Gulf Region.

The Levant Family Business Podcast – Emotional Dynamics in the Family Business II – Family Business Secrets

We all have secrets, and we all know of the power of family secrets! The mixture of family members, business and secrecy, however, can result in unwanted complications that initiate dire consequences for a family firm.

The Levant Family Business Podcast – Emotional Dynamics in the Family Business I – Managing the Succession Process

There comes a time when all businesses must develop and implement succession plans. Crucial for the longevity of the firm, this is a highly important process to get right.

About the first Levant Family Business Podcast Listening Party

Sometimes a conversation is all it takes. In the world of family business, conversations are a genesis – an exchange of ideas, an exploration of possibilities and a backdrop for resolutions. This was one of the reasons we started ‘The Levant Family Business Podcast’ with our partners AGW family business advisory in Beirut.

The Levant Family Business Podcast – Non-Executive Directors – Adding Talent for Growth?

Inviting in independent members is a key element of board best practises in business. There are many advantages to having an independent director, however, in Lebanon, this decision is not always easy or straightforward for businesses. 

The Levant Family Business Podcast – Dr. Georges Samara On Practicing Fairness In The Family Business Workplace

Dr Georges Samara’s article on “Fairness in the Family Business Workplace” was nominated for best article award in 2017. In this episode, he will share his findings on how to practice fairness for business performance in the complex set up that is the family business workplace.

The Levant Family Business Podcast – Hovig Kozobiokian On Governance Practises In Lebanese Family Businesses

The topic of Family Business Governance has been widely researched in the US and Europe. But what about Lebanese family businesses? What are their practices, culture and views about governance?

The Levant Family Business Podcast – Do You Need A Family Constitution?

"A family constitution can be hard to define as there is no accepted international definition for the term. However, a family constitution is generally considered as a set of documents that regulate the relationship between family members of a business owning family".