The Levant Family Business Podcast – Microinsurance, a game changer inside and outside the family business.

Episode 11 – Microinsurance, A Conversation With Coralie Zaccar.

Coralie Zaccar is a third-generation family business member and Assistant General Manager at Commercial Insurance Co in Lebanon – and is on a mission to bring change to her community! A few years ago the family members decided to embark on a journey of innovation and to bring microinsurance to Lebanon. Microinsurance aims to protect low-income families by offering insurance plans tailored to their specific needs. It is often found in developing countries, where the current insurance markets are inefficient or non-existent.

In this episode of the podcast, Coralie Zaccar shares her knowledge and experience on Microinsurance and discusses the importance of innovation and social impact in family firms.

What is Microinsurance?
“Microinsurance is insurance for individuals of low income. When we talk about low income, we mean individuals who do not have access to any form of private insurance, nor social security, nor any form of cooperative or any other benefits.”
– Coralie Zaccar


  • What are the positive social implications that Microinsurance is offering individuals in the region?
  • What are the common challenges that surround the topic of Microinsurance?
  • How did the family business embark on this journey of social responsibility and innovation?

This episode is hosted by Cherine Debbas, Co-Founder of AGW Family Business Advisory.

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