Family Offices: Unlocking the Next Wave of Capital @COP28

Family Offices: Unlocking the Next Wave of Capital @COP28

This distinctive event brought together leading family offices and industry experts to discuss the pathway to unlocking the next wave of capital into sustainable sectors and initiatives. With vast pools of capital, deep-rooted regional expertise, and strong influence, family offices play a vital role in turning the goals of the Paris Agreements into a reality and address the climate risks the world is exposed to. The thought-provoking panels and keynote speeches at this event were a catalyst in uniting family offices globally to stand forefront in the push towards a sustainable future.

Multigenerational Capital in the MENA – Climate Change, Investment Strategies and the Pathway to the Future
In this panel, leading multi-generational family office and family enterprise leaders discussed environmental strategies both as investors and operating owners.


  • Essa Abdulla Al Ghurair, Chairman, Essa Al Ghurair Investment
  • Nadin Karadag, Board Member, INCO Group Of Companies
  • Omar Al Handal, Managing Director, Al Handal International Group


  • Farida El Agamy, General Manager, Tharawat Family Business Forum

Capitalizing on Opportunities: Investment Pathways and Strategic Growth for Family Offices in the Push towards Sustainability
During the second panel, we explored the opportunities that family offices can capitalize on in the push towards a sustainable world and the unique attributes that allow for family offices to differentiate themselves as investors.


  • H.H. Sheikh Mohammad Al-Sabah, Chairman, Artificial Intelligence of Things Society
  • Vignesh Vijayakumar, COO/CFO, Saham International
  • Tareq Al Munajem, CIO, Almunajem Group


  • Yasmin Al Mostehy, Executive Director, Emirates Family Office Association


Tharawat Family Business Forum & The Emirates Family Office Association
Supported by COP28