Tharawat Investors Circle

The “Investors Circle” is a unique member platform discussing investment strategies, opportunities and new technologies. It brings together family business owners and future leaders through curated sessions.

Tharawat Investors CircleFounded in 2006, the Tharawat Family Business Forum has been a trusted network of peers for more than a decade. At a time when the 4thindustrial revolution is pushing companies to continuously innovate and diversify their activities, family businesses around the world are seeking access, inspiration, and opportunities for the future. The Tharawat Investors Circle was created to serve that purpose.

Purpose of the Investors Circle

What are the overall goals of the Tharawat Investors Circle?

Exploring Trends

Address latest investment practices and trends.

Family Investment Strategies and Family Offices

Discuss the latest investment strategies and family office structures for MENA family businesses.

Acquire Knowledge

Learning programs for Tharawat members to extend their industry know-how.

Members of the Tharawat Investors Circle jointly shape the agenda and decide activities and topics of discussion.

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