Family in the Arab World – The first MENA research platform

FBAW brings together Academics, Researchers, Experts, Scholars & Family Business Owners from all over the MENA.

“Family Business in the Arab World” (FBAW) was founded by the Sheikh Saoud bin Khalid bin Khalid Al-Qassimi Chair in Family Business at the American University of Sharjah and the Tharawat Family Business Forum.

FBAW is the first platform of its kind in the region, with the main aim to discuss the state of family businesses in the MENA, enhance regional research efforts and develop best practice.


The second FBAW conference in November 2020 attracted more than 380 participants, including academics, business experts, family business representatives and students, representing 54 universities from 46 countries. Held over two days, the event included an Academic Day, with more than 40 presentations and case studies from scholars from Europe, North and South America, Asia and the Middle East; and a Family Business Day, with a practical agenda for those from the region’s family businesses. 

What are the Overall Goals of the platform?

Our shared vision to promote research in the family business field is a major factor in the success and sustainability of family businesses in this region.


FBAW is a bridge between academics and family business leaders in the MENA region and a platform for developing and disseminating academic research, practical knowledge and good practices for sustainable family business management in the region.


To bring together academics, researchers, family business leaders, and other key stakeholders to share research, practical knowledge, and best practices for sustainable family business management in the MENA region.

FBAW Conferences bring together Academics, Researchers, Experts, Scholars, and Family Business Owners from all over the world and launch a key dialogue for the future of family business.

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About the Chair

The Sheikh Saoud Bin Khalid Bin Khalid Al Qassimi Chair in Family Business was established to honor Sheikh Saoud Khalid Al Qassimi’s legacy. He was a Sharjah businessman who founded a family business back in the 1970s that is now in its third generation. The Chair, which is the first of its kind in the country, aims to become a recognized family business knowledge hub in the regional, national and international context.