Wealth and Legacy: The Rise of Single Family Offices in the MENA

Family offices are key drivers for the future growth of the region. However, there is a great lack of independent research into the regional single family office space. To close this gap, the Tharawat Family Business Forum in partnership with LGT (Middle East) Ltd. have conducted a survey with 34 MENA single family offices.


To gain a deeper understanding of the transformation of family wealth amidst the backdrop of societal, technological, and economic disruptions, the Tharawat Family Business Forum and LGT (Middle East) Ltd. have joined forces to produce a ground breaking report.

Insights from the Report

Our report aims to fill the existing gap in independent research by collecting and analyzing data on the evolution, current interests, and future outlook of MENA single family offices. Centered around a survey conducted with 34 leading single family offices from across the region, it also incorporates expert analysis and insights from family enterprises and academia.

The Surveyed Single Family Offices – A Footprint

Our survey provides unique insights into the current landscape, challenges, and prospects of family enterprises and their single family offices, highlighting their evolution, governance structures, and wealth outlook.

Evolution of the Single Family Office

In this section, we delve into the development of single family offices in the MENA region, examining their inception and objectives. The data provides distinctive perspectives on the ownership and distribution of family wealth and the influences shaping the formation of a single family office.

Governance and Decision Making

This section examines the emerging governance frameworks in family offices and explores distinctive regional characteristics. The findings underscore the primary governance bodies, policies, and tools utilized within single family offices and provide insights into the talent pool among family members.

Wealth Outlook

In this concluding section, we delve into single family office principals’ investment sentiment and wealth prospects. The data provides comprehensive insights into MENA single family offices’ investment decision-making process and priorities, from the vision of family wealth to the precise distribution of assets.

Insights from Contributors

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