The Levant Family Business Podcast – Dr. Georges Samara On Practicing Fairness In The Family Business Workplace

Episode 5 – Dr Georges Samara shares his expert advice on how to practise fairness in the workplace.

Dr Georges Samara’s article on “Fairness in the Family Business Workplace” was nominated for best article award in 2017. In this episode, he will share his findings on how to practice fairness for business performance in the complex set up that is the family business workplace.
– Why is fairness in the family business workplace an important topic?
– What impact do family employees have over non-family employees?
– What is the impact of unfairness in the family business workplace?
Hosted by Cherine Debbas – co-founder of AGW Family Business Advisory and Farida El Agamy – General Manager of The Tharawat Family Business Forum, episode 5 creates a dialogue to explore this relevant topic.
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