The Levant Family Business Podcast – Emotional Dynamics In The Family Business III – A Strategic Approach To Philanthropy.

Episode 15 – A Strategic Approach to Philanthropy, In Conversation With Rania Labaki.

It is estimated that 81% of the world’s largest family businesses are active philanthropists. Family business philanthropy is an essential support system for many communities and has created change around the world. Engaging in family philanthropy also has many internal rewards, it can be a key element in maintaining strong family bonds across generations and it provides an opportunity for family members to work together for the greater good. However, family businesses need to be aware of the importance of maintaining clear ethical guidelines and measurable KPIs to ensure maximum impact of their giving.

In this episode of the podcast, we continue the Emotional Dynamics Podcast series with Rania Labaki (EDHEC Family Business Centreby exploring the impact of philanthropy in the family business setting and the important role that family businesses play in supporting society.

What are the benefits that specifically impact a family business engaging in philanthropy?

“Philanthropy built on family business values contributes to the alignment of the vision of family members. philanthropic engagement allows family members to come together, to discuss important issues and make a real impact. This process creates additional cohesion for the family. ”

– Rania Labaki


– What is the difference between Charity and Philanthropy?
– What are the internal and external benefits of philanthropic engagement for family businesses?
– What are the benefits of having a more strategic approach to philanthropy for a family firm?
– What steps can families make to approach philanthropy in a more strategic manner?

Episode 15 creates a dialogue to explore this relevant topic with expert insights from guest speaker Professor Rania Labaki. Professor Labaki is Director of the EDHEC Family Business Centre and Associate Professor of Management at EDHEC Business School, where she teaches and conducts research at the intersection of the fields of finance, entrepreneurship and family businesses. The episode is hosted by Farida El Agamy, General Manager of Tharawat Family Business Forum.

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