The Levant Family Business Podcast – The Rise Of Family Offices In Lebanon – A Conversation With Bilal Zein

Episode 9 – The Rise Of The Family Office – An Inside Look Into Family Office In The MENA.

Over the past decade, family offices have become more and more popular around the world. Initially an anglo-saxon concept, this approach to private wealth management has seen a rapid evolution. In this episode of the podcast we welcome our guest and expert Bilal Zein. Bilal has established one of the first single family offices in the Levant and provides us with an inside perspective on the current developments and the future of the industry, specifically in our region.

What is the definition of a Family Office?

The term “family office” is one that can be used in various different contexts and is one that carries a variety of different meanings. There is not one definition; the main denominator, however, is serving the needs of a family, across the wealth spectrum.  – Bilal Zein


  • What services do a Family Office provide, and should every family have one?
  • How are Family Office structures developing in the MENA region?
  • What future progressions do we need to see in order to for the industry to develop relevance both locally and regionally?

Hosted by Farida El Agamy – General Manager of The Tharawat Family Business Forum, episode 9 creates a dialogue to explore this relevant topic with expert insights from guest speaker Bilal Zein, COO at Quanon Capital Ltd. Bilal is an experienced professional and expert, running a single family office in London.

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