The Levant Family Business Podcast – Emotional Dynamics in the Family Business II – Family Business Secrets

Episode 8 – Family Business Secrets Exposed –  Exploring the unspoken realm of secrecy.

We all have secrets, and we all know of the power of family secrets! The mixture of family members, business and secrecy, however, can result in unwanted complications that initiate dire consequences for a family firm. Family secrets can be particularly problematic in that they are oftentimes carried on across the lifecycle from one generation to another, and they gain in complexity along the way.

In this episode of the podcast, we continue the Emotional Dynamics Podcast series with Rania Labaki (EDHEC Family Business Centre) by exploring the different types of secrets commonly seen in a family workplace, and how to best handle the fallout when a secret is revealed.

This topic is often left unexplored, why is it so important that we address secrets in the family business setting? 

“It is necessary that a family business knows how to handle a secret, should one come to light. When we are able to understand why a secret is kept, we are able to better understand how to deal with the fallout, minimising any ramifications from negatively impacting upon the family business.” – Rania Labaki


  • What constitutes a family secret?
  • What are the different types of secrets that are commonly kept in family businesses?
  • What are the positive and negative implications that secrets bring to the family business?

Episode 8 creates a dialogue to explore this relevant topic with expert insights from guest speaker Professor Rania Labaki. Prof. Labaki is Director of the EDHEC Family Business Centre and Associate Professor of Management at EDHEC Business School, where she teaches and conducts research at the intersection of the fields of finance, entrepreneurship and family businesses. The episode is hosted by Cherine Debbas, Co-Founder of AGW Family Business Advisory. 

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