The Levant Family Business Podcast – Hovig Kozobiokian On Governance Practises In Lebanese Family Businesses

Episode 4 – Learn key insights on family business governance from research conducted by Hovig Kozobiokian. 

The topic of Family Business Governance has been widely researched in the US and Europe, but research in the Levant region thus far has been limited. Episode 4 welcomes guest speaker Hovig Kozobiokian to share key findings on research conducted into the governance and succession practices of Lebanese family firms.
– How do Lebanese family businesses differ in their approach to governance?
– What are their practices on governance?
-What are their cultures and views on governance?
Hosted by Cherine Debbas – co-founder of AGW Family Business Advisory and Farida El Agamy – General Manager of The Tharawat Family Business Forum.
“I found that most of the Lebanese family business members did not know how a family business should be governed. This is particularly prevalent with new family members being introduced to the business, who have not been exposed to, or had experience of other companies outside of their family business.”  Hovig Kozobiokian
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