The Levant Family Business Podcast – A Very Special Tandem – Insights From Twins In A Family Business.

Episode 19: Working Together – A Conversation with Nicolas and Anthony Boukather.

It can be difficult to navigate family relationships when you work together! It requires patience, open communication and complete trust for the dynamic to work effectively. However, there are many good reasons that are in favour of working with a family member. So what advice can be given to family members to help maintain and improve their relationships and at the same time allows business to thrive?

In this episode we are joined by twin brothers Nicolas and Anthony Boukather to learn from their successes and explore their unique and personal history on working together in partnership as CEO and Chairman of ANB Holding.

What are the key elements that made your partnership a success?

Values, we share the common values that we’ve been brought up on since we were very young, and I think that without these values we would not have been able to make it as far as we have. We also understand that when working with family, it is normal to have a lot of differences in opinions, it is normal to have different ways of viewing things and this is exactly what is needed to make the business thrive.

– Anthony and Nicolas Boukather


  • What steps can family members take when they find themselves divided on important decisions?
  • What processes can be put in place to ensure that the best decisions for the business are made, whilst maintaining peace and harmony among family business members?
  • When is the best time to consider setting up a board?
  • Why is avoiding conflict so detrimental to the family business, and how can family business members learn to argue in a constructive way?

Episode 19 provides a personal insight into the success behind the partnership of Nicolas and Antony Boukather. The twin brothers took the leadership of their family company early 2000’s and succeeded in implementing new strategies leading to growth and innovation while sustaining the family-driven enterprise culture and core values of unity, integrity and transparency.

The episode is hosted by Cherine Debbas, Co – Founder of AGW Family Business Advisory.

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