The Levant Family Business Podcast – Diversification For Growth – A Conversation With Imad Alfadel.

Episode 18 –  Diversification For Growth – A Conversation With Imad Alfadel

Family businesses are known for their ability to react quickly to changing times and for their resilience throughout times of crisis. Diversification is one of the key strategies family businesses can employ to prepare for difficult times.
However, getting the timing right on when and how to diversify can be a difficult decision that many family businesses face.

In this episode, Imad Alfadel, the managing director of Saray Capital and second-generation family business member joins us to share his knowledge and expertise on why diversification is important for family firms, how it can be best achieved and the rewards and pitfalls that accompany it.

When is the right time to diversify?

“It is important to diversify when it is sunny and bright, which unfortunately goes against our human nature. If you are investing in your home country, and there is economic growth, employment is high and everything is growing – this is the right time to look elsewhere to diversify.”

Imad Alfadel


  • When is the right time for a family business to diversify?
  • What are the biases in mindset that can negatively impact the ability to make decisions when it comes to diversification?
  • What advice can we give to family businesses who might be looking to diversify?

Episode 18 creates a dialogue to explore this complex topic with expert insights from guest speaker Imad Alfadel. Imad has more than 18 years of experience in the financial industry. Prior to Joining Saray Capital, he was the managing director of his family’s investment office through which he implemented numerous investment transactions, as well as led and cemented a number of investment partnerships across the EMEA region. In 2006, Imad co-founded Generation Alfa S.A., a Swiss wealth management and corporate advisory firm with offices in Geneva and London. The company manages the wealth of ultra-high net worth individuals and closed various M&A deals. Imad also co-founded Emerging Investment Partners in 2014, a MENA private equity management firm.
Throughout this period, Imad has held multiple board positions in institutions of different sizes and business life-cycles within the sectors of banking, investment management, insurance, microfinance, and real-estate development. He is currently Vice Chairman of Bemo Saudi Fransi Finance.

The episode is hosted by Farida El Agamy, General Manager of Tharawat Family Business Forum.

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