Webinar | China Insights

Webinar | China Insights

Understanding China’s Wave of Innovation

How has 2020 affected the Chinese private sector? How do Chinese entrepreneurs stay innovative? What trends and opportunities are on the horizon for 2020?

As part of the Tharawat Investors Circle – this session deep dived with key insights into the current economic dynamics in China and explored why and how the country has become a powerhouse of innovation.
Author and entrepreneur Wei Wei shared an in-depth understanding of the innovation landscape in China and deep dived into the growing local VC market. We also discussed the investment trends among family-owned businesses and family offices, their vision and outlook for the next few years.

This webinar gave a unique and personal insight into the key economic drivers, complexities, and opportunities of the Chinese market.

This Webinar is part of the Tharawat Investor’s Circle – our unique member platform discussing investment strategies, opportunities and new technologies. The recording is accessible for Tharawat Members in the Membership Library!


  • Wei Wei, Founding Partner, GSL, China