Webinar | Digitalisation and the Future of Manufacturing

Webinar | Digitalisation and the Future of Manufacturing

Driving the Digital Transformation in Family Business

Global value chains are going through an important transformation: the 4th industrial revolution has brought disruptive technologies that have added new opportunities and opened new markets. The Covid-19 pandemic has only accelerated this digital transformation and has driven many family firms to look at their digital strategy.

Tharawat was delighted to welcome Engr. Abdallah Obeikan, a digital transformation leader and the Chief Executive Officer of Obeikan Investment Group in KSA to its next webinar.

The Obeikan Investment Group is a major player in packaging, digital solutions, and education industries located in Riyadh. The company operates in 16 countries across the Middle East, Africa, and Europe, and has more than 3000 employees and 20 manufacturing sites.

In this interactive session, Engr. Abdallah Obeikan discussed how he lead the digital transformation of the Obeikan group of companies and how this transformation has impacted the business models and has created new growth opportunities.

Session Take-Aways:

  • How can family businesses drive digital transformation?
  • How does the digital age disrupt manufacturing and supply chains?
  • What are the first steps to digital transformation?
  • Consequences of digitalization for businesses and their stakeholders
  • Success factors and obstacles to implementation


The interactive session was attended by Tharawat Members and members of family enterprises.