Tharawat Investors Circle

Tharawat Investors Circle

2020 Investment Outlook

The Investors Circle met to exchange thoughts on the current investment landscape. The “Investors Circle” is Tharawat’s platform discussing family office and investment strategies, explores opportunities and new trends in the market. It brings together family business owners and future leaders with leading investors and experts. Members of the Tharawat Investors Circle jointly shape the agenda and decide activities and topics of discussion.

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  • Macroeconomic Outlook | Investment Landscape 2020
  • Strategic Investment for Family Business Diversification
  • Investing in the Deep Tech Ecosystem – A Family Office Journey 
  • Meet & Greet | Networking with UAE-Based Startups


  • Ziad Daoud, Chief Middle East Economist, Bloomberg Economics
  • Imad Alfadel, Managing Director, Investment Partners, Saray Capital
  • Aly Dahya, Managing Director, Alphanumeric Energy 


  • Wees Abraham, VP of Operations & Family Office Venture Capital GP (Elēkrŏn Ventures), Shade Corporation Ltd., KSA
  • Farida El Agamy, General Manager, Tharawat Family Business Forum


The “Investors Circle” is open to Tharawat Members, only.
It is a unique platform to discuss:

  • best practices and structures for sustainable and successful investing;
  • growth and diversification opportunities for the family business;
  •  investment opportunities in different sectors and countries.

The Investors Circle is aimed at Tharawat Members who have an interest in exploring investment opportunities and sharing knowledge, as well as expertise with their peers.