Webinar | The Evolution of Social Responsibility

Webinar | The Evolution of Social Responsibility

How Family Businesses Are Building the Future

Family enterprises are not only drivers of economic growth but also have an important social impact: Through charity, philanthropy and CSR activities, family businesses contribute in many ways to the well-being of their internal and external stakeholders.

In this webinar, we were joined by two leading family enterprises who shared unique insights into their innovative and groundbreaking projects to help build a better future for their communities.

We had the opportunity to discuss the importance of the social responsibility of family firms, how family business members are making a difference and how their impact is key for the post Covid19 recovery phase. The speakers shared how the family value system drives businesses to look beyond their commercial success and explore the impact on legacy and longevity of the company.

  • Mohamed N. Hayel Saeed, Director, Hayel Saeed Anam Group, Yemen
  • Omar Al Handal, Assets Management Executive, Al Handal International Group, Iraq

Session Take-Aways:

  • Family business members sharing examples of family business social responsibility
  • Discussion of social responsibility strategies for the family firm
  • Legacy and longevity of family businesses in times of crisis


The interactive session was attended by Tharawat Members and members of family enterprises.