NextGen – Innovation Session & Excursion

NextGen – Innovation Session & Excursion

18th November 2015, Dubai, UAE

Program Content

Innovation is a crucial issue for any organisation! But how can companies create real centres of innovation and creativity inside their corporate structures? Can businesses innovate without losing their identity?
In this event for the next leaders, we exploreed what it means to have centres of innovation inside an organisation, how they have to be managed to be effective and how they can benefit the family business.
Speakers from various industries shared their thoughts and in interactive group sessions, the participants reflected on the makings of future-oriented teams.

The Excursion

As part of the program we visited the 3M Innovation Centre in Dubai. 3M is an over 110 year old company that currently employs around 80’000 employees and in 2014 spent 1.7bn USD on Research and Development of new products.
This exclusive visit took us behind the scenes of one of the world’s leading corporate innovators and helped us understand what it takes to become a leader in this field.


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