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FBAW 2020 - The only platform that brings together Academics, Researchers, Experts, Scholars & Family Business Owners from all over the MENA.


November 4, 2020


November 5, 2020


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Family Business in the Arab World – FBAW 2020 Conference

FBAW Conference is the first and only conference that brings together Academics, Researchers, Experts, Scholars, and Family Business Owners from all over the world and launches in a key dialogue for the future of family business in these complex times.

During this two-day conference, various stakeholders will come together in numerous sessions to discuss the latest research papers and to exchange insights on future topics to explore in the field of family business in the MENA.

4th November 2020
“Family Business in Emerging, Developing, and Transitional Economies”

The aim of the Academic day is to advance the extant knowledge about the relationship between family business and the context in emerging, developing, and transitional economies. Having an impressive agenda of scholars from around the world, we embrace a multidisciplinary approach to incorporate the historical, institutional, spatial, and social contexts in which family firms exist and operate into family business research.

The Academic day will host up to 40 sessions and presentations of new research papers.

5th November 2020
“Transformational Leadership in Family Business”

Family-owned enterprises are facing a landscape of ever-increasing complexity. The global pandemic is only one of the challenges business owners in the MENA have had to tackle over the past few years – socio-economic shifts, disruption, and a millennial workforce are but some of the factors influencing decision making. This session will explore how family business leaders are addressing the new reality and how their leadership is transforming their organisations for the future.




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