Webinar | Building Your Impact Investing Toolkit

This webinar is part of the Tharawat Investors Circle and discusses how to add impact investments to investment portfolios, and how to align those investments with the core business.


January 13, 2021


January 13, 2021

Building Your Impact Investing Toolkit

Taking place across all asset classes, Impact investing is a rapidly growing industry. Impact investors are looking to generate financial returns, as well as to create social and environmental impact.

As part of the Tharawat Investors Circle, we are delighted to welcome Beau Seil, Partner, Patamar Capital as our Keynote Speaker. Beau is an internationally acclaimed expert on Impact Investing who has been active in the global impact VC space for over a decade.

Family offices and family business leaders are increasingly looking at adding impact investments to their investment portfolios, and often look to align those investments with the core business.

In this session, Tharawat members will have an opportunity to interact with the expert, ask questions and get insights from a growing industry across the globe.

This Webinar is part of the Tharawat Investor’s Circle – our unique member platform discussing investment strategies, opportunities and new technologies.
  • The evolution of Impact Investing
  • How impact investing can become part of a family office strategy
  • Tools and insights into the due diligence process
  • What impact investment can mean in your own market
  • Investing to develop future entrepreneurs and the necessary infrastructure


  • Beau Seil, Partner, Patamar Capital, Singapore

Please note that this session is for Tharawat Members and upon invitation, only. More information at [email protected].



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