Webinar | Coronavirus, Oil Price and the MENA Economy

Interactive Tharawat Webinar for family businesses on the impact of the pandemic on the economy and the looming oil crisis.


April 13, 2020


April 13, 2020


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Economic Effects of COVID19

As we are facing the new realities under the global COVID-19 pandemic, the private sector is now starting to turn its attention to the mid-and long-term effects of this crisis.
This interactive Tharawat Webinar will look at the impact of the pandemic on the economy and address the looming oil crisis and other factors that will play a key role on the road to recovery.
Join us for the live interactive webinar with Dr. Ziad Daoud, Chief Middle East Economist, Bloomberg.
Dr. Daoud will share key statistics and the latest research to address the following topics:
  • What will crisis mean in the short or medium-term for the MENA economy? 
  • What will government response look like?
  • How will the private sector be further affected over the coming months?
The session will be interactive; participants will have the opportunity to ask questions directly in the forum and receive a real-time response.
Please note that this session is for Tharawat Members, members of family businesses and by invitation only. Seats are limited. More information at [email protected].



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