Tharawat Talk

Tharawat Talk

The Future of Retail – How And Where We Will Shop Tomorrow

The exponential technological advances made in the 21st century have presented unprecedented challenges to the Retail Industry. Our panel of business leaders discussed the latest trends in the market, how traditional businesses are responding to disruption, and what we may expect from the future of retail.

This Tharawat Talk gathered leaders from a variety of industries to discuss this disruption and how it changes this key industry.

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  • Mr. Charles Haddad, General Manager of L’Oréal Luxe, L’Oréal Middle East
  • Mr. Gurwan Le Gac, CEO & Founder, Shopper plus
  • Mr. Mustafa Y. Koita, CEO, Koita


  • Ms. Farida El Agamy, GM, Tharawat Family Business Forum


Dubai, UAE