Family Business of the Future – Study Visit

Family Business of the Future – Study Visit

The Digital Transformation Journey

Digitisation is one of the driving transformational forces affecting all sectors of the economy. The industrial space is no exception and family businesses with industrial activities are now facing the reality of being part of a new era: The age of data and analytics.

In collaboration with Obeikan Digital Solutions and General Electric (GE) Digital, we hosted a unique event to experience the opportunities and challenges of digitisation first-hand. The two companies are partners who are at different stages of their own digital industrial journeys, and have valuable experience to share.

Mr. William Ruh, SVP & Chief Digital Officer, GE and CEO, GE Digital

Mr. Ruh is a global leader in industrial digitization, and has taken an industrial group such as General Electric (GE) to become the world’s first truly digital industrial company. He established GE’s Industrial Internet of Things strategy to lead the convergence of the physical and digital world, internally and for customers globally.

Dr. Dalya Al Muthanna, President & CEO of GE Gulf
Engr. Abdullah Al Obeikan, Chief Executive Officer, Obeikan Investment Group

This event was part of the Tharawat Family Business Summit 2018. Read more in the news!

In Partnership with

Obeikan Digital Solutions     GE Digital


  • What is industrial digitisation / digital transformation of industry?
  • Learn from examples of digital transformation in industry (GE) and other sectors
  • How can I think “digital” in my company? How can I assess the potential of including digital assets into my company’s processes and procedures?
  • How can I make my first steps towards digitisation?


During the event, we visited key GE facilities and got a first-hand insight into the impact and effects of digitisation in various corporate environments.


Experts and leaders from the GE team, as well as interventions from family business leaders and the Tharawat Community.


The Tharawat Family Business Summit 2018 was attended by members from over 30 regional family-owned businesses, from the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Egypt, Lebanon, Algeria and more countries.