The Levant Family Business Podcast – Formalizing the Board of Directors

Episode 1 – Join us in our first episode to discover the benefits and pitfalls of setting up a board of directors in the family business.

What advantages can a board of directors bring to the family business?
What are the challenges of setting up a formal board?
Hosted by Cherine Debbas – co-founder of AGW Family Business Advisory and Farida El Agamy – General Manager of Tharawat Family Business Forum, episode 1 creates a dialogue to explore this relevant topic.
Did you know that 72% of US-based family business have a formal board of directors? Estimates suggest that in the Middle East the percentage of family businesses with a formal board of directors is significantly lower than this.
Setting up a board of directors is a clear signal of strong governance practices in both family owned and non-family owned companies. Good governance is what we are all striving towards, and everyone can reap the the operational and competitive advantages that come with good governance.

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