Tharawat MasterClass

Tharawat MasterClass


This one-day seminar aimed to sharpen analytical capabilities and re-visit the basics of corporate finance.

Participants of family businesses learned

  • Revise the functions of financial management and its role in running businesses
  • Defining the four key financial statements, as well as key financial terms
  • Interpreting the financial health and condition of a company
  • Apply financial analysis to enhance decision making
  • Use financial information to manage and evaluate operations


  • Prof. Leif Sjöblom is Professor of Financial Management at IMD Business School, Switzerland.
    Prof. Leif has a PhD in business and MS in statistics from Stanford University, a MBA from Helsinki School of Economics and a BSc in electrical engineering. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and a Fulbright fellow.


This Seminar was tailored for junior and senior family members of family-owned businesses with an interest in improving their knowledge in corporate financial expertise.


Dubai, UAE