Successful Family Business Boards

Successful Family Business Boards

Family Business Boards in Times of Disruption

While Disruption is a reality and conditions in the market are always changing, Family Business Boards need to find the right tools and processes to early enough recognise and address the impact of disruption.

The 6th annual “Successful Family Business Boards” session explored the role of the Board of Directors in a disruptive environment and discussed what the role of the Board is to ensure sustainability and growth of the family business.

This event was part of the Tharawat Family Business Summit 2018. See the coverage in the news!


Jaana Tapanainen Successful Family Business Boards Tharawat

Jaana Tapanainen
Advisor, The Future Department, Ministry of Cabinet Affairs & The Future Prime Minister’s Office, UAE

Tharawat Session Fathi Hayel Saeed

Fathi AW Hayel Saeed
Director, HSA GROUP Corporate Office

Shuja Jashanmal Succesful Family Business Boards

Shuja H Jashanmal
Director & Partner at Jashanmal Group, Founder & CEO at Lucrae GT LLC

Tharawat Session Dr. Hischam El Agamy

Dr. Hischam El Agamy
Chairman of Target Developments LLC, Co-Founder of the Tharawat Family Business Forum


The Conference was attended by members of family businesses from across the MENA region who have an interest in exploring and analyzing the role of board of directors.