Tharawat Talk

Tharawat Talk

Blockchain – Hype or Opportunity?

Currently one of the most popular buzzwords, “Blockchain” technology is on everyone’s minds. But what’s behind this technology, and more importantly, how will Blockchain potentially influence various industries and shape how we work, how we collaborate, and what we invest in? This Tharawat Talk discussed what entrepreneurs and business owners may have to take into consideration for the future of their companies and how they could uncover advantages that Blockchain can bring to their organisations.
This interactive panel discussion with experts from cyber security, cryptocurrency and business innovation allowed us to explore these questions and form a vision for the future.

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  • Mr. Matt Suiche, Founder of Comae Technologies
  • Mr. Hubertus Thonhauser, Angel Investor and Managing Partner at Enabling Future
  • Mr. Ahmed Al Balaghi, Blockchain Researcher


  • Ms. Farida El Agamy, General Manager, Tharawat Family Business Forum


Dubai, UAE