Tharawat Talk

Tharawat Talk

The Role of Creativity in Entrepreneurship

A driving force in business, conversations on the role of creativity in entrepreneurship are not frequent enough. The interactive panel discussion with guests from various fields, such as manufacturing, artificial intelligence and education, expanded on the importance of creativity in every-day business and how it can lead to innovation and growth. The goal of the discussion was to motivate the audience to be more conscious entrepreneurs and business people and to understanding a key driver of successful business leadership.

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  • Ms. Najla Al Midfa, General Manager, Sheraa
  • Mr. Marvan Shamma, Co-founder and CEO, ONEPROVE
  • Mr. Khalifa Al Qama, Founder and CEO, Opsys


  • Ms. Tamara Pupic, Editor, Arabian Business StartUp


Dubai, UAE