Tharawat Talk

Tharawat Talk

The Future of Jobs – Of Automation, Artificial Intelligence and the Workplace

There is much speculation about the impact of automation and artificial intelligence on the future of work and employment. This Tharawat Talk discussed both the opportunities and the challenges of the 4th industrial revolution and analysed scenarios for the future economy. Will artificial intelligence and automation mean less employment? If so, how do we address the challenges that come with that? What skills will the employee of the future need to have in order to become irreplaceable? How will this affect business owners and entrepreneurs in their decision making and competitive behavior?

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  • Ms. Najla Al Midfa, General Manager, Sheraa (Sharjah Entrepreneurship Centre)
  • Ms. Priyanka Zielinsky, Executive Director, MPIL Steel Structures Ltd
  • Dr. Noah Raford, Chief Operating Officer (COO), Dubai Future Foundation


  • Ms. Farida El Agamy, General Manager, Tharawat Family Business Forum


Dubai, UAE

This Tharawat Talk took place in collaboration with Sheraa, Sharjah Entrepreneurship Centre
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