Women in Family Business – Good Ownership

Women in Family Business – Good Ownership

Good Ownership in Family Business – Responsibilities and Opportunities

In this session we discussed how “good ownership” is an essential tool for a sustainable and successful family business. Misalignment between ownership behaviour and management can cause challenges in the family, often caused by a lack of clarity on the roles that owners can play in the family business ecosystem.


Dr. Lina KouatlyPresident and CEO of Lunatus, UAE

With 15 years of experience in senior management and strategy positions with various multinational pharmaceutical companies, Dr. Kouatly shared her experience of establishing and owning a company, which is among the top SME’s in the region. Dr. Lina shared her journey from a founder to manager to owner, and gave insights into the origins of ownership.

Damian Crosse – Managing Partner at Pinsent Masons LLP, UAE

Mr. Crosse shared his expertise on the legal structure of ownership and presented case studies of family businesses and legal regulations that led to better ownership.


The following key points were discussed:

• Good ownership best practices for family businesses
• The role of each shareholder in the success of the family business
• Tools and practical insights into good ownership – An intro by a leading Lawfirm
• Aligning ownership practice with personal goals and business strategy


The session was attended by members of family businesses from across the MENA region. Women from all generations, involved in their family businesses both directly or indirectly.