The Levant Family Business Podcast – Dr. Georges Samara On Practicing Fairness In The Family Business Workplace

Dr Georges Samara’s article on “Fairness in the Family Business Workplace” was nominated for best article award in 2017. In this episode, he will share his findings on how to practice fairness for business performance in the complex set up that is the family business workplace.

The Levant Family Business Podcast – Hovig Kozobiokian On Governance Practises In Lebanese Family Businesses

The topic of Family Business Governance has been widely researched in the US and Europe. But what about Lebanese family businesses? What are their practices, culture and views about governance?

The Levant Family Business Podcast – Do You Need A Family Constitution?

"A family constitution can be hard to define as there is no accepted international definition for the term. However, a family constitution is generally considered as a set of documents that regulate the relationship between family members of a business owning family".

The Levant Family Business Podcast – An Active Approach To Legacy For Family Businesses

The definition of legacy relates to something left or handed down by a predecessor. In the context of family business, there are different areas of legacy that can be left, from financial/material – (inheritance, capital, shares) to non-financial, (management, culture of business, values, beliefs and policies).

The Levant Family Business Podcast – Formalizing The Board Of Directors

Did you know that 72% of US-based family business have a formal board of directors? Estimates show that in the Middle East the percentage of family-owned businesses with active and formal board of directives is significantly lower than this.

Is Family Business A Model For The Future?

The continuing relevance of the family ownership model in an era increasingly defined by technological transformation is a complex topic. Read more about Family Business as a model for the future.